Tri-Ever Crème Brûlée

(pronounced krehm broo-LAY)

Brulee is owned by Kevin and Beverly and family, Burlington, Ky.

Brûlée at 16 months old

Brulee is an outstanding yellow puppy girl with nice dark pigment.  Brulee was whelped on April 16, 2003. Brulee was bred by Joni Long Tri-Ever Labradors - Marion, IN.  She has no fear and lots of attitude.  Brulee started swimming in our pond and retrieving at 9 weeks old.  

Tri-Ever Crème Brûlée  SR071977/04

CH Kai Dens Dark Wader WC SN070682/02 OFA Good, DOB: 4/18/93 , DNA Profile # V176112 "Wade" black LabMuseum

CH Classique's Play It Again Amen SG000038, OFA24G "Sam" WC - black

Classique's Jesse James "James" - yellow
Shadowvale's Imperial Lady

kaidenlabsCH Hennings Mill Hase 'N to Kai Den WC, CGC, TD SF422680  - yellow LabMuseum

CH Chafern Court Star of Fabracken - "
Czar" black  
Ch Country Place O'Hennings Mill

Tri-Ever's Three Alarm Fire SN114965/02, DOB: 10/29/93 OFA 31G, OFEL31"Belle" black at 10 years old


CH Classiqu Fire & Ice SM798916/02 OFA28E OFEL28"Bernie" - black


CH Mijans Hot Stuff


CH Valleywood Classique Gem CD, TDI "Val" - yellow


Inselheim Countryside Gypsy SF456487, OFA34E"Gypsy" - black

CH Chafern Court Star of Fabracken "
Czar" - black

Inselheim Tantara Bit "O" Hope "Gaddie" - yellow

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Why the name Creme Brulee:  


The origins of Crème Brûlée (pronounced krehm broo-LAY) are very much in contention, with the English, Spanish, and French all staking claim. The Spanish have taken credit for this sensuous custard as "crema catalana" since the eighteenth century, while the English claim it originated in seventeenth-century Britain, where it was known as "burnt cream" and the English school boys at Cambridge demanded it. It apparently wasn't until the end of the nineteenth century that common usage of the French translation came into vogue, putting it on the map from Paris to Le Cirque in New York City. Its wide recognition today seems to have given the French credit for inventing crème brûlée.

Puppy Photos:

Jennifer and Brulee at Sylvan Meadows Farm.



Brulee at 8 weeks with Breeder Joni Long.


On 10/29/04, Brulee Best Adult at the STURGIS KENNEL CLUB Sanctioned B-MATCH, Allen Co. War Memorial Coliseum & Expo Center, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

On 10/6, Brulee won 2nd place in Sweepstakes in the 15-18 bitch class under Judge Mrs Jacqueline Mischou at the LRC National Specialty at the Holiday Inn, Brighton, Co.  On 10/7, Brulee won 3rd place in 12-18 month bitch class under English Breeder/Judge: Mrs. Marjorie Isabel Satterthwaite at the Adams County Fairgrounds, Brighton, Co.

On 9/6 Brulee won 1st place in 4-6 month old puppy at the HLRCInc Specialty under Breeder Cindy Skiba (Epoch).

On 6/13, Brulee won Best Opposite in the puppy class 2-4 month old at the WLRC Specialty B-OB Match in Beloit, Wisconsin shown by Breeder Joni Long.



Brulee loves the water and has been retrieving up to 25 yards at 4 months


On 5/30/03 Brulee's eye were cleared by Dr. Krohne - Veterinarian Medicine, Purdue University.

On 11/7, Bruleewas examined by Dr. Deborah Stephan, DVM, MS, DACVO at Indianapolis Veterinary Specialist and found to have normal eyes.

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